Republican specialized school of art of MYBDO " F. Speaking of zakiryanov presented with a synopsis of today's event and attendees. Also the floor was given to the chief specialist of the Association of theatre workers, theatre theatre Esanboi Urinova.

Ie Speaking treatises and information technologies spoke about the reasons for the celebration of theatre and the challenges facing the National theatre today: international day of theatre is celebrated in 1961 at the IX Congress of the International theatre Institute and is celebrated annually on 27 March the International theatre society the purpose of the activities of the International theatre Institute is to strengthen peace and friendship among peoples and the expansion of the creative collaboration of theaters around the world.

The first international address of the theater day was written by the French writer and artist Jean Cocte in 1962. The first theatrical production dates back to 2500 BC. The first theatrical play was organized in Egypt and on the site of the plot, the characters were Egyptian legends, in particular, the goddess Osiris. A long and lasting connection between theater and religion this birth later rose to the level of art with clear boundaries of tragedy, Comedy and other performances. Legendary logos were also used in ancient Egyptian theatrical productions.

The international theatre day is not only an international professional holiday, but also a great celebration for millions of spectators.The theater completes its word as if the beautiful and the language is human forests and a way to practice peace.

Yep.The main participants of the event were the favorite and well-known artists of the state academic Bolshoi theater of Uzbekistan named after Navoi Zuba Batirov and sevar Zunnunov, who spoke in detail about the theatrical and collective activities, stage scenery, images created at the play. The event was held on the basis of discussions. All the fans exchanged views on issues of interest to them.

The event was organized at a high level. Readers have suggested that there will be a lot of such events.